Monday, April 25, 2016

Why choose UniKL MESTECH? Kenapa nak Pilih UniKL MESTECH?

Kenapa pilih UniKL MESTECH???

Honestly, people been wondering why I choose UniKL MESTECH over any other offer. To be honest ever since I decide to further study for my Degree I been searching for a place where i can feel comfortable and grow as a person. Allhamdullilah, then I found UniKL MESTECH by accident. Its true Allah S.W.T the Al-mighty God works in a very mysterious yet wonderful way.

I was a Diploma graduated from the local university. However, my passion towards Medical Sciences are very deeply makes me eager to start working right after I finish my study. I work a few years until I feel it was time to expand my horizon and gain a new also wider perspectives and current knowledge.

As I making my decision to further study, I already made up my mind to further in Biomedical Science field. It is like an extension from my Diploma which was Medical Laboratory Technology. When I stumbled upon UniKL I never expected it will be as good as any other university.

As I was doing my thorough research on every University that offer Biomedical Science, I am certain that UniKL will be my best choice as it because the degree offer by the university are not just been accredited locally but also internationally. If I would like to expand my expertise and clinical research not just locally but internationally also. Therefore, being there in UniKL it will be more than helpful for me to achieve my dreams and life goal.

Many students would misunderstood the Degree in UniKL as the name is slightly different from the other university. Here in UniKL our degree been call as Bachelor of Clinical Laboratory Science (Honours). It about the same but only a bit different from the Biomedical Science. 

Others than that, the bright side of studying UniKL is that UniKL is wholly owned by MARA means in any worst scenario were are still under MARA. Most people knew that MARA already implanted a new policy as on 2015 onwards, therefore the future prospects students that wish to apply for MARA should be aware of the changes. 

Not just that, UniKL is a technical based university. What exactly is that? Well, basically UniKL are focusing on both of the theory and skill but more promptly towards skill therefore whenever we are going to apply for a job our skills and knowledge on respective matters would be equally balanced.

UNIKL MESTECH are certainly not one of the big and beautiful campus as other UniKL campus. However, little that people knew that inside of it are fully equipped with enough equipment for the study purposes. It not as perfect as it seem but it manage to get us to the international level. 

P/S: More latest and up-to-date info regarding UniKL MESTECH would be publish soon. If you would like to inquire feel free to do so. Just leave a comment or directly "PM". Have a nice day! 

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