Monday, April 9, 2012


If we go hanging our head in shame, then nothing will ever begin
Smile our usual smile cause this is ourselves an we will move to our next encounter.

Kiss the Sky, the wide world. 
With your own feet, take a step forward and make your own future 

Just be ourselves as we are and start anew!!
Don't cry, dry your eyes

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thankful ;)

In life, sometimes we're keep on concentrating things that we wish we have 
and things that u didn't have 
and we sort of forget what we do HAVE! 

There are few principle of LIFE which is to be THANKFUL
Yeah... It's hard to be thankful but just be PATIENCE

It may be a hardest thing!
But IF you try hard enough, work it, Overcome it and move on countless time...
InsyaAllah... things will be better :')

Why you Give-Up easily?!

Doesn't mean we fail now, we will fail forever...

What's wrong with falling down? 
We can ALWAYS GET UP again! 

I'll will try 1000 times to GET UP! 
and IF i faill 1000 times, If i fail and i give up do u think i will ever get up?
NO! BUT if I fail I try again, again and again. Knowing this is not the end.

It's matter how we're going to finish, 
Are u going to finish strong? Then u will find the strength. ;')

Surfing The Waves (Inspired by Soul Surfers)

Life is a lot like surfing.

When you get caught in the impact zone,
you need to get right back up

because you never know
what's over the next wave.

And if you have faith, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Anything at all...

Inspired by Bethany Hamilton, Soul Surfer
A True Story