Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Touching Email~


Assalamualaikum and Greetings,

Recently, i just open my email and there this one person email me and here I just want to shared what her words and Thoughts...SubhanAllah.. is to much for me to accept this person complimant. I just express my gratitude to the God the Al-Mighty...He's the one that give me the ideas and the guidance towards the writing.

your blog, one word woww

I just wanted to tell you A M A Z I N G. I googled life in google pics and I saw this text and clicked on them and woww, I mean amazing , amazing MASHALLAH Iloiset kasvot sorry I might sound like pshycho gone wild but I felt like you read my mind.

Anyways good job, your very talented, keep up with it dont stopIloiset kasvot unless u loose inspiration which inshallah u wont loose.

Sorry for taking your time but hmm enjoy your lifeIloiset kasvot

Allah ma3ak, remember to live your life dont ask whyIloiset kasvot just go with the ingridients u were given.

Hopefully bi idni’Allah you will have nice life and enter paradiseIloiset kasvot

Take care of yourself and people you’re surrounded with.


P/S: Thank You So much for the email... It means a lot... :D

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